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Are your factory incandescent bulbs dim and need immediate replacement? Replace them with brighter, crisper and longer lasting Silver-Lux LED Bulbs by Putco. You will not only make your vehicle more visible to other drivers and increase your driving safety, but also get the cooler whiter light that is much more attractive. This will make an excellent upgrade for your factory lights. Intensive LED light will easily outshine any factory or halogen bulb. Improve visibility and add some style to your vehicle with these long-lasting Silver-Lux LED bulbs. Each of them produces 2,000 Lumens of bright white light.


LEDs produce a brighter and cleaner light that is more attractive to the human eye than the light of incandescent bulbs. Cool-colored LED light contributes greatly to the driver's safety, promoting your alertness. Putco LED bulbs allow you to not only see the world around you, but also be fully aware of it.

Putco Silver-Lux 9004 LED Headlight Conversion Kit

SKU: 20062
    • Fitment:
      1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 Mustang 
    • Specifications:
      Socket: 9004
      Series: Silver-Lux
      Quantity: 1 pair
      Color temperature: 6500K
      Light output: 2000lm
    • Features:
      - Custom designed aluminum tower
      - High-power Philips Lumileds with 4000 Lumen light output (per kit) on dual filament high beam operation at 6500K
      - Clockable collar which allows you to adjust the light beam
      - Putco’s exclusive patented, 100% copper weave cloth heat-sink
      - Smaller and fully enclosed driver and harness assembly
      - Works on any 12V DC power source
      - Backed with a 2-year warranty
      - Made in USA
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